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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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"news4 at 11" begins with breaking news. >> two big stories off the top tonight, folks. i'm jim handly in storm center 4 with chief meteorologist doug kammerer. we know you want to hear about the busy weather week coming your way. but first, we're working
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some breaking news out of prince george's county. chris? >> reporter: an ambulance has been involved in a very serious crash on the beltway. this is what it looked like on the inner loop just off st. barnabas road and oxen hill. news4's jackie bensen just got some new information. jackie welcome back, are -- what are you hearing? >> reporter: when you take a look at the pictures we received from this accident, it has the potential to be much worse. it involved a power line coming down and being partially across the beltway. a short time ago, we spoke to mark brady from the prince george's county fire department. he says this began when a car sideswiped the ambulance. >> they struck a small tree, a tree stump. hit a light pole before coming to rest with significant damage. the two paramedics sustained injuries, albeit not life threatening. however, were transported to a
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trauma center for treatment and evaluation. i do believe both of them will be spending the night there at the hospital. >> reporter: now we are told that the woman that caused the ambulance to veer off the beltway and into that light pole, as mark brady said, did stop a short distance down the road, and the crash is under investigation. live in oxon hill, jackie bensen, news4. >> thank you. back here, big weather story. the potential for a major snowstorm later this week. and that extreme bitter cold out there tonight. in fact, as you know, we've already got some delays for some local school drink, fauquier, loudoun, prince william counties are going to be scrolling at the bottom of your screen. doug, how bad it is going to be tomorrow? >> it really is going to be the coldest morning that we have seen so far. we have winds gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour. with that windchill. these are the current windchills right now. the current windchill in d.c. is 1 to 3 below in martinsburg, 5
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in annapolis. really extreme cold. this is cold weather. that's why we have the windchill advisory through noon tomorrow. everybody back towards the west, these are the area, most of these counties are having some delays. so once again, go to our website, or download the nbc washington app for all of those. now, tomorrow at the bus stop, it will feel like 5 below to zero, the actual temperature of 15. that's at 7:00 to 8:00. tomorrow afternoon, still breezy. temperatures around 25 with windchills around 15 degrees. so it doesn't get a whole lot warmer tomorrow at all. tomorrow just a frigid day. then we turn our attention to the next weather alert day. and that's coming up on friday into saturday for a possible big snowstorm. the storm looks like it has the potential to bring us not just a lot of snow, but maybe even historic amounts of snow. so we'll talk much more about this, coming up in a couple of minutes. i'm back at about 11:15. >> doug just showed us why it is a tough, tough night working
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outside. crews trying to fix a water main break in northwest d.c. some customers lost water pressure around 39th place and calvert street. it hasn't impacted traffic. d.c. water expects to finish that work tonight. over in prince george's county, investigators are looking into whether a space heater caused a fire in temple hills. a woman got trapped in the basement sunday and suffered burns over 40% of her body. firefighters went back to the neighborhood today and found five homes with no working smoke detectors. it's a good reminder to check your smoke alarms and keep space heaters at least three feet away from bedding, drapes or furniture. stay on top of the forecast for tomorrow morning and that potential for the big storm this weekend you. do that anywhere the nbc washington app and wake up with chuck bell and tom kieran on news4 today starting at 4:26 in the morning. tonight dozens of parents want to know what to tell their kids tomorrow about recent threats against prince william county high schools. we just learned police have arrested a 17-year-old student friday at patriot high school in
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observationville. it was for a threat posted on snap chat. that student says it was a joke. but tonight he is facing charges. there have been similar incidents at three other high schools in the county recently. news4's darcy spencer live in woodbridge where police tried to put parents at ease. >> i don't know what to do. so hopefully we can get some answer now. >> concerned parents packed a town hall meeting in woodbridge, demanding answers about threats being made towards high schools in prince william high school. inez jones has a ninth grader. >> since security is broken. so that's a huge problem. he has to go to school and excel. and you can't really do that if you're thinking something may happen. >> reporter: a parent tells news4 this is the latest threat. scrawled on a bathroom wall at woodbridge high school. and there have been others that threatened violence. >> i have a son that goes there. and he doesn't want to go to school. and i don't blame him because i'm going to work. and then i, do i wonder
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something going to happen. >> police said repeatedly that these threats are not credible. but parents want to know how do they know that. >> reporter: police and school leaders tried to calm fears. one teen was arrested towards threat towards patriot high school. another identified in a social media threat lives west of the mississippi river. >> you've got to take the threat seriously. but we also have to balance aour approach and make sure that we're not scaring our kids. >> reporter: police say they have increased uniform and plainclothes officers in schools, and they don't consider the threats to be a joke. but they say none has been credible. this man's son asked him a question on the way to the meeting. >> you guys are having a town hall. when are they going to talk to us? as the students really talk to them about this. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. tomorrow morning two men are going to go before a judge in alexandria to face terrorism charges. federal agents arrested joseph
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farok. he was trying to fly to syria to join isis. a friend drove him to the airport and now mahmud al hassan is accused of helping him. both men are facing up to 20 years in prison. tonight three congressmen are on their way to germany to meet several americans freed by iran this weekend. one of those americans "washington post" reporter jason rezaian. earlier today, the post sent us this photo of rezaian with his family. he is on the left. he was imprisoned for nearly 18 months. doctors at landstuhl medical center in germany are checking his health now before he is cleared to come back home. two other americans are at that medical center, and a third is back in boston tonight. right now the search is on for the man who shot three people as they left a concert in falls church. the shooting started just before 2:00 this morning outside the state theater, and some of the stray bullets went through windows in an office building across northwest washington street. we're told the three men who got shot will all be okay.
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new at 11:00 tonight, prince george's police tell us that community activist greg hall has died in a car crash early this morning. that crash happened just before 3:00 on walker mill road in capitol heights. hall unsuccessfully sought a seat in the maryland state house back in 2013. police say an suv crossed the center line and hit hall's car head-on. they're still trying to figure out why. out west tonight, dozens of protesters stopped traffic on the bay bridge to demand police reform. the bridge connects san francisco with oakland, and traffic was backed up for miles. some demonstrators chained their cars together and eventually utility workers and police officers had to cut those chains to disperse the crowd. dozens of people gathered for a rally today to protest police brutality in honor of dr. martin luther king in annapolis this evening. organizers called it reclaim martin luther king day. a maryland legislative panel released their recommendations for police reform last week. rally organizers say that it's
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an important start, but improvements are needed to ensure real accountability. >> black lives matter, but laws do too. because in civil society, there is no discipline without legislation and policies to answer to. yet the law enforcement officers bill of right in this state protects officers when they fail to protect us. >> family members of people killed in police-involved situations were at tonight's rally, and it ended with a, quote, die-in. nearly all the candidates used the holiday to connect with voter, including an increasingly confident bernie sanders campaign. tonight sanders held a big rally in honor of dr. martin luther king jr. and touted his growing poll numbers in momentum. as the pole gap narrows, the attacks between sanders and hillary clinton are increasing. earlier in the day they were both in south carolina. and tonight sandersed is we can't forget dr. king's dream for america.
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>> to truly honor the life of dr. king, we must fight to carry out his radical and bold vision for america. >> the latest nbc-wall street journal poll shows 55% of democratic voters want experience, and that benefits clinton. but right now sanders is ahead in iowa and new hampshire. on the republican side, donald trump and ted cruz continue to go at it hard. both candidates ended their day in new hampshire. trump started the day at liberty university in virginia. he is trying to gain support among evangelical voters. meanwhile, cruz is trying to position himself as the true conservative. and he is painting trump as too liberal. >> ronald reagan, when he was younger, was a pretty strong liberal. and became quite conservative. >> ronald reagan did not spend the first 60 years of his life supporting democratic politicians. >> during his rally today, cruz named some leading democrats who
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have received trump donations in the past. and of course we're still tracking the potential for a major winter storm. the track and intensity still uncertain right now. so this could still change a little bit. i'm right now watching data come in. i've got the latest information. a little bit of a change in this model, at least. we'll see you in just a minute. also ahead tonight, a huge turnout in richmond today over the issue of guns. activists on both sides demanding action from state lawmakers. will it lead to any real change? and we've had new reaction coming in tonight from the world of music. how people are remembering the eagles' glen fry. your first 4 traffic tonight. the inner loop at powder hill
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♪ but we will never be here again, and take it easy ♪ the world of music saying take it easy tonight to eagles guitarist glenn frey. this video from 1998 tweeted out by the rock and roll hall of fame. frey died today at the age of 67. he was suffering from multiple ailment, according to a statement on the eagles' website tonight. lots of reaction on social media. huey lewis called frey a brilliant songwriter and really good guy. country singer travis tritt posted this picture from 1993. he covered "take it easy" and was shooting a music video with the band. eagles drummer and co-founder don henley issued, quote, he will be grateful every day that he was in my life. rest in peace, my brother. emotions are running high in
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richmond as gun control and gun rights activists hold rallies and lobby lawmakers in richmond. gunowners are especially upset with two recent change. first, governor terry mcoff live issued an executive order banning open carry in state office buildings. and then four week ago, mark herring announced that virginia would no longer recognize handgun permits from 28 states. activists from both sides tried to check their agenda today for 2016. >> so when we pass more gun law, it does not prevent criminals who commit mass shootings from getting guns and carrying out their crimes because they get them illegally. >> even when we hear nothing could have saved your daughter, we are not deterred from what we must do. >> so far nearly 100 gun-related bills have been introduced in the 2016 legislative session. frustration over the lack of diversity in oscar nominations is boiling overwgt8 tonight. less than an hour ago, the president of the academy issued a statement on twitter.
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sheryl boone isaacs who is african american says she is frustrate and heartbroken about the lack of inclusion, adding big changes are on the way. there isn't a single actor of color up for a leading or supporting actor award this year. and the #oscarsowhite is trending for the second year in a row. some of the industry's biggest names are calling for a full-fledged boycott of the awards this year. that includes actress jada pinkett smith. she posted a video on facebook saying she is not going to the show. a family in prince george's county has been forced out of their home on one of the coldest nights of the year. take a logistic at what used to be their kitchen. a huge tree crashed through the house in clinton around 5:00 this morning, and fortunately no one was hurt. well, today's bitter cold couldn't stop these volunteers from cleaning up the anacostia river. hundreds of people turned out to pick up trash along the river banks along the i-295 freeway. this event as you may know happens every year on the king
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holiday. a lot of people bundled up out there. >> this is probably one of the coldest mlk days we've seen. >> when you combine the wind, the windchill right now around zero in many locations. that's going to be the case as we move on through the night tonight. it is just brutal around the area and waking up on our tuesday as kids are heading back to school, it is going to be a very cold start to the day. out there right now, current temperature 17 degrees. that's the current temperature. look at that wind, though. winds still upwards of 17 miles per hour. but look at the wind gust, still up to 25 miles per hour, even 30 miles per hour down around camp springs. you add that together with the temperatures, boy, you get some cold numbers. that's why we have that windchill advise are. northern fauquier and places to the north and west. windchills in these areas below zero. likely tomorrow morning. 5 to below zero. tomorrow afternoon between 10 and 15. that's it.
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that's as warm as it gets. 10 to 15 with the windchill. that is one cold day. nothing on the radar right now. but back to the west. this is what i'm looking at. we've got clear skies now. that's going to help things to cool a little bit. but there is the storm system off to the west. very big storm. here it is right in here. and a lot of moisture out ahead of it that is pushing right now in towards portions of the west coast of california. what is going the happen here, this area of low pressure moves onshore, brings them 1 to 2 inches of rain. comes across the rockies, down towards the gulf coast. then it starts to pick up the gulf coast moisture, moves in towards the atlantic. shifts energy off the coast, and then, well, and then we see a major storm system developing. look at this area of red right here. that is very heavy precipitation. upwards of 2 inches of rain, if it was rain. if it's all snow, that's a lot of ♪. now, what are we thinking somebody we know a nor'easter is possible. but not just a nor'easter. it's possible we could see a blizzard from this. models are in immigrant. that's why we're talking about this so far out. and that's why you're hearing it everywhere. the models all agree on major
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storm system. all of which gives us a major winter storm. now the latest models of gfs mold, the american model, came in a little warmer in the d.c. area. that means we could see a mixture of snow to sleet and back to snow on the back side. that's the kind of thing we're going to be watching. that's why we're not giving you any kind of ideas as far as how much snow. i'm not going to show you a snowfall map most likely until wednesday night, until we have a much better handle on it. if i showed it to you it would be changing every single day. i'm not going to do that. 26 degrees in leesburg. that's the high tomorrow. 29 fredericksburg. that's the high temperatures with plenty of sunshine. the impact tomorrow is definitely going to be on the moderate to high side. another weather alert day. very cold, very windy. weather alert on friday. 34 degrees wednesday. thursday looking pretty good. not bad at all. here comes the snow on friday. could start as early as noon on friday. and then get heavier during the afternoon. 31 degrees for a high. let's talk a little bit more about this. we know we're going to see snow
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around the area. major storm potential. i mentioned the possible blizzard. 35-mile-per-hour winds or higher creates blizzard-like conditions. i think we're going to get that. still early. and yes, this forecast can change. but stay with me. go to my facebook page on twitter. i was periscoping on this a little earlier. of course chuck bell will have the latest early tomorrow morning. and download that nbc washington app. so much there to look forward to. we're going to stay on top of this 100%. because it has the implications could be a historic storm. so that's really with a we're watching. >> all right. you've got us covered. thank you. still ahead, problems with portland. and their head coach is looking for healthy players anywhere he can find. jason is up next. but first, here is jimmy. >> thank you, jim. and everyone in washington, d.c. tracy morgan here, plus julianne hough. hough. it's
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> so jason, what happened to home court advantage? it's like gone. >> there is no home court advantage today. >> not at all. >> one of those bad games overall for the entire team. wizards versus trail blazers. one team played like their season was on the line while the other played like it was another regular season game in january. didn't mean all that much. portland had something to prove today. in their last game,he trail blazers were absolutely embarrassed by the worst team in the entire league. and because of that, they returned the favor to the wizards. the wiz kids, they have played well on martin luther king day. winners in five of their last six games. played on this holiday. portland, though, they set the
11:25 pm
tone early on. first quarter, meyers leonard beats the buzzer for the three-pointer. he had 18 points off the bench for portland. they were up 15. the wizards, they did battle back. second quarter, down seven. garrett temple, he had a team high 18. the wizards, they scored 40 points in the second quarter to get back in this game. it's their best scoring quarter of the entire season. bradley beal knocking down the three ball there. the wizards up one. and as good as it would get, damian lillard part of a 23-1 run in the third quarter that blew this game wide open. cj mccollum another three-pointer. portland couldn't miss from behind the arc. they had 17 threes total in this game. blazers beat the wizards 108-98. because of all the injuries this season, randy whitman doesn't have too many options. >> you know, i'd put you in if you make the play. i don't have any other -- i don't have any other options
11:26 pm
right now. you know, we got to make do. that's not an excuse. i'm not using it as an excuse. we played like this before. >> if you're looking for a stretch, doug kammerer is available on the weekends. saturday and sunday. high school basketball, demas demassa. jason tatum went for 40 against the stags. this one came down to the wire. down two. kellen taylor sends this game to ot. in ot, holtz, he finished this game strong. 20 points for the senior. they take down. top quarterback recruit duane haskins has switched his verbal commitment from maryland to ohio state. considered one of the best pro style quarterbacks in his class. so many coaching changes on the
11:27 pm
maryland staff, he tweeted this afternoon. it's been a dream of mine to play for ohio state since i was eight years old. and my heart, well, buckeye #nation. >> in my dreams, he was a terp. >> he'll be playing the terps. >> he broke my heart. >> the rich
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♪ ♪ i believe i can fly >> that's gospel singer yolanda
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adams at the concert hall. a powerful tribute to dr. martin luther king jr. the kennedy center in georgetown university have been teaming up for 14 years to honor dr. king. people in minnesota, they're used to being cold. and this week they're having a little fun with it, because you've got to, right? it's been around zero degrees in minneapolis. so one guy decided to take a pair of wet pants and freeze them standing up outside. he posted the picture on facebook, and of course, the idea, it just took off. people freezing their jeans, their corduroys, their sweat pants. the gaye who posted the first pic says his brother has been doing this for quite some time now. you don't want the walk in those. you be walking funny. painful looking. >> which one of you guys are going to do it tomorrow morning? >> we'll start it here. >> tomorrow, it might be able to work like that. obviously, the wind might blow them over. >> upwards of 20, 30 miles per hour. tomorrow morning 28 degrees future a high. friday and saturday both weather alert days here. we're going to be monitoring
11:32 pm
this. chuck bell in early tomorrow morning with the latest. one thing i see on the latest computer models comes a little farther less. that means a little less snow for the metro area mixing in with some sleet that happen a lot with these types of systems. this is going to continue to evolve. we'll keep you posted. >> get the app, folks. that does i
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- tracy morgan, julianne hough,


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